Nataliia Dribnyuk

Position: Senior Lecturer, special pedagogy and inclusion Department

Research interests

art therapy, music therapy, Ukrainian piano music



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Abstracts of conferences:

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  3. Dribnyuk N. Music therapy as an innovative technology in inclusive education. / / Individual support for children with special needs: role of SRC in the process of inclusive education: abstracts of reports of scientific and practical conference. Lviv, September 2016 (filed for publication).


In 1993 graduated from Lviv Music Academy. From September 1992 to 2013 – teacher of the Pedagogical College of Lviv National University Ivan Franko

From 2013 – assistant, and from 2014 – Senior Lecturer of the Department of Corrective Pedagogy and Inclusion. Pedagogical experience is 25 years.

Member of the Lviv branch of the NGO “Ukrainian Association of Correctional Teachers”, a member of the Association of Art Therapists of Ukraine.


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