Roksolana Zharkova

Position: Docent, preschool and primary education Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Philological Sciences

Phone (office): (032) 239-03-22


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Research interests

theory of literature and comparative studies, psychoanalysis, feminist pedagogy, children’s literature, psychological and pedagogical peculiarities of the methods of work with literary gifted children, literary education and psychology of creativity, problems of reading in the socio-cultural dimension, the figure of the teacher and writer Ulyana Kravchenko.


  1. Zharkova R. The element of women’s writing: self-presentation in the Ukrainian modernist prose of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Lesya Ukrainka, Olga Kobylyanska, Uliana Kravchenko): monograph / Roksolana Yevgeniivna Zharkova. – Lviv : Norma, 2015. – 208 p.
  2. Zharkova R. The child grows (among / from) books: a workshop on expressive and informed reading: a manual / R. Zharkova. – Lviv : Norma, 2016. – 88 p.
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  4. Zharkova R. Projection of the author in women’s writing –or – Interpretation the non-child (non) fairy-tale in Lesia  Ukrainka’s “Butterfly” / Roksolana Zharkova // “In the world of science and art: questions of philology, art criticism and cultural studies”: Materials of the XXV international correspondence scientific-practical conference  (July 08, 2013).  – Novosibirsk: Izd.  “SibAK”, 2013. – P. 231 – 239.
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  10. Zharkova R. Time (against) her: turning into childhood as a way of self-transformation / living in a women’s writing / Roksolana Zharkova // “Above the banks of the eternal river”: temporal dimension of literature: materials of the International scientific conference (24-25 centuries)/ Publisher Tkachuk O., 2015. – P. 54 – 56.
  11.  Zharkova R. Reading as The game during computerization: the children’s dimension / Roksolana Zharkova // Personality, society, politics – 2015: Materials of the international scientific and practical conference (November 20-21, 2015, edited by S.Terepischej, V.Grasimovich, O. Poznij. – Lublin : Scientific Publishing WSEI, 2015. – P. 20 – 22.
  12. Zharkova R. Language of touches or tricks of speech: tactile dialogue “Sliptsiv” (Olga Kobylianska – Lesja Ukrainka) / R. Zharkova // Language and Culture: Modern Aspects of Relationship : Materials of the International Scientific and Practical Conference, Odessa, November 20-21, 2015 / rev.  Ed.  Dr. philol.  Sciences, prof.  V. Stupak and others.  – Odessa : International Humanitarian University, 2015. – P. 131 – 133.
  13. Zharkova R. Childhoodography : writing as an opportunity (self) of birth / R. Zharkova // Communicative Discourse : Scientific Reception and Research Strategies :   materials of All-Ukrainian sciences.-practice.  conf.  – K.: Millennium, 2016. – P. 23 – 24.
  14. Zharkova R. Female writing of Natalia Kobrynska in intertextual dimension in the XXI century: dialogue / discussion of modern and postmodern // “It was not only with the spirit of time but also before him”: Natalia Kobrynska and the literary process of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries: a collection of scientific works:  the birthday of Natalia Kobrynska;  to the 90th anniversary of the foundation of the Union of Ukrainian Women of America / NAS of Ukraine. Ivan Franko Institute; All-Ukrainian NGO “Union of Ukrainka”;  [sci.  th year  ed.: M. Lechkij, O. Melnyk, A. Shvets;  answer  Ed.  A. Shvets;  the front  M. Zayats;  ed. kol. E. Nakhlik (head), etc.].  – Lviv, 2015. – P. 56 – 61. (Series “Literary Studies”, issue 22).
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  25. Zharkova R. Only her music (?!): masculine soundgraphism in the women’s writing by Elfride Jelinek and Olga Kobylianska / R. Zharkova // The musical texture of the literary text: intermedial studios / edited by Svetlana Matsenko.  – Lviv : Aprilia, 2017. – P. 269 – 278.


Education and experience

2006 – 2011 – Faculty of Philology of Lviv Ivan Franko National University (“Master of Philology, teacher of Ukrainian language and literature”);

2011 – 2014 – postgraduate student of the Department of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literary Studies of Lviv Ivan Franko National University;

Candidate of Philology, specialty “Theory of Literature” (2014).

Since September, 2014 – teacher of Lviv Ivan Franko National University.


Literature, Ph.D. in Philology, writer. Participant and winner of many literary and artistic competitions.  Diplomas of the first prize in the nomination “Research of history and modern problems of women’s movement” was awarded at the regional Competitions them. Milena Rudnitskaya (LO Union of Ukrainians, Lviv – 2008, 2009, 2010).  R. Zharkova was awarded the Prize of the Literary Competition “Origins” in the nomination “Literary criticism” (Nauk Ostroh Academy, 2010).  Awarded by the Canadian-Ukrainian Foundation (CUF) Scholarship (Winnipeg-Toronto-Lviv, 2011).  R. Zharkova won the contest “My Shevchenko” in the nomination “artistic prose” (OU Lviv Polytechnic, 2014).  The I degree diploma in the nomination “Novelistics” was awarded at the All-Ukrainian Literature Competition named after.  Les’ Martovich (Zhovkva, 2014).  R. Zharkova got I place in the All-Ukrainian creative competition “This strong / weak sex: a fragment from a woman’s life” (Berdyansk, 2012).

The winner of the literary contest organized by the Synodal Departments of the UOC-MP on family affairs, on issues of bioethics and ethical issues, and the Spiritual and Educational Center of the Cathedral of the UOC “Make your choice – save your life” (in the nomination “Literary Skill”) (Kyiv, 2014);  The jury was awarded the contest “Sixth Poetic Winter” (Kyiv, 2015), a participant in the online poetry competition “Love Will Save Ukraine” (Ternopil, 2015), participant of the First Poetry Festival-Yakov Buzyny’s “Live Water on the Wounds of Ukraine”, organized by the Christian Union  writers of Ukraine (Lutsk, 2015).  Participant in the national contest of the patriotic word “Dreams, respond!” (Zaporizhia, 2015).  Participant in the IV All-Ukrainian Poetry Competition “Gayvoronya” (Kyiv, 2017).  Participant of the Literary Rover project, organized by the Lviv city organization of the All-Ukrainian Youth Public Organization “Foundation for Regional Initiatives” (FRI, March 16, 2017).

The poem of R. Zharkova “Amen” entered the Literary Almanac of the participants, and later – into the short list of the best works on the love of the poetic competition of one poem about love “Draw me a night” devoted to the 90th anniversary of the Ukrainian poet Nikolai Petrenko (2015).  The winner of the contest “Fest of the One Poem” (Republic of Belarus, January 2016).  Laureate of the 3rd Prize of the All-Ukrainian Contest of Manuscripts of Prose “The Winged Lion” (Lviv, 2016).  Laureate of the regional prize for talented young scientists and specialists for significant achievements in the field of science that contribute to the further development of socio-economic transformations in the region and affirm the high authority of Lviv oblast scholars in Ukraine and the world (with the assistance of the Lviv Regional State Administration and the Lviv Regional Council) (2016) .  Entered as a finalist in the long-list of the best essays by young authors of the First Shepherd Festival “SHEREH” -2016 (Kyiv, December 2016).

Zharkova got I place in the All-Ukrainian Poetry Competition “Knight of the Carpathians” and became the laureate of the Prize of the Order of the Carpathian Knights – 2017 (Mukacheve, 2017). Participant of the 2nd All-Ukrainian festival of love lyrics and author’s song about love “The Language of the Heart” (Ivano-Frankivsk, 2017). The author of the monographic study “THE element OF FAMILY LETTER: Self-presentation in the Ukrainian modernist prose of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (Lesya Ukrainka, Olga Kobylianska, Uliana Kravchenko)” (2015).  The co-author of the literary critic almanac “Woman Through the Prism of Letter” (Ukraine – Mexica, 2013);  literary and artistic publication “Ulyana Kravchenko: life fragments” dedicated to the 155th anniversary of the birth of the writer (2015).  The author of the poetic book “Listening to the sea is” (2015), as well as the textbook “A child grows (among / from) books: a workshop on expressive and conscious reading” (2016).  The author of the book of short stories “He smells with you” (2017).

Became a member of the jury of the Regional Competition for young writers of Lviv region, “Spring Legit”, which annually organizes the LLU “Lviv Oblast Small Academy of Student Youth” (January 28, 2017).

Organizer and member of the jury of the Faculty contest of the poetic word “Poetic bicycle”, devoted to the International Day of Poetry (FPO, February – March 2017).  R. Zharkova writes poems, prose, essays, reviews for books for children and adults.  The works of R. Zharkova were published in many publications: “Galician Way”, “Ukraine and Time”, “View”, “New Day”, “Peremyshlyan Territory”, “For Free Ukraine”, “Choice”, “Bibro News”, ”  “Life”, “Rodina UA”, “Life Stories”, “Stories of Love”, “Life.  Stories »,« Love Abbey »,« Kamenyar »,« Auditorium »,«Scythia »,« Literary Ukraine ». Heroine of the rubric “Man” on the site “People UA” (January 2017).  It is printed on the Ukrainian platform “UA Modna”, the artistic web-portal “Woman-UKRAINE”, literary portals “Bukvoid” and “Read.UA “,” STOS “and” PAZL CREATIVE “, online magazines” Zbruch “and” RICH “art sites.  Recently, R. Zharkova among the authors of the first Ukrainian information resource on publications for children and youth “BaraBooka.  The Space of the Ukrainian Children’s Book “.


Науково-видавничі проекти:

Жаркова Р.Є. СТИхіЯ жіночого письма : саморепрезентація в українській модерністичній прозі кінця ХІХ – початку ХХ століття (Леся Українка, Ольга Кобилянська, Уляна Кравченко) : монографія / Роксолана Євгеніївна Жаркова. – Львів : Норма, 2015. – 208 с.

Мацевко-Бекерська Л.В. Творчиня рецензія на монографію Роксолани Жаркової


Жаркова Р.Є. Дитина виростає (серед/ з) книг : практикум з виразного й усвідомленого читання : навчальний посібник / Р.Є. Жаркова. – Львів : Норма, 2016. – 88 с.

Качак Т.Б. Рецензія на посібник Роксолани Жаркової Дитина виростає…


Навчально-виховні проекти зі студентами: 

1) 10. 11. 2014 Жаркова Р.Є. Говори зі мною

2) 23. 03. 2015 Жаркова Р.Є. Поетичні читання

3) 25. 02. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. Похід в театр (Леся Українка, На полі крові)

4) 01. 03. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. Леся Українка

5) 21. 03. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. День поезії

6) 10.05. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. Конкурс читців поезій Франка

7) 29. 06. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. Літній літературник

8) 22. 09. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. На Конгресі Франка

9) 04. 10. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. Іванна Блажкевич

10) 09. 11. 2016 Жаркова Р.Є. Іван Франко

11) 09.03. 2017 Жаркова Р.Є. Шевченко


Організація акцій та конкурсів: 

Поетичний велосиПЕД – 2017






nah  Лауреатка обласної премії талановитим молодим ученим і спеціалістам за значні досягнення в галузі науки, які сприяють подальшому розвитку соціально-економічних перетворень у регіоні й утверджують високий авторитет науковців Львівщини в Україні та світі (за сприяння Львівської обласної державної адміністрації і Львівської обласної ради) (листопад 2016).


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