Pedagogical training is a mandatory educational component of educational and professional programs of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education. Pedagogical practice takes place every semester and has its own special focus in the program: introductory training; educational training in various institutions of education and social education, service, social service centers, and public organizations; pedagogical training; volunteer; psychological and pedagogical training; field trip.

Students perform tasks in the network of educational and social institutions in Lviv: public, municipal, private, inclusive, and alternative. Thanks to the cooperation with the city’s Department of education, the quality of pedagogical practices in educational institutions of the city is organized, conducted, and analyzed.

During the training, students perform simulation tasks (conducting classes, and lessons), and apply examples of model and problem-based studying. Students work independently, in educational communities, and perform team projects. During the training, students conduct research work in accordance with the subject of the training or the disciplines that are being studied. Evaluation of training takes place in the form of public presentation of the results of training at the meetings of departments.