Your perspectives

The profession of a teacher is one of the oldest, most creative professions, and it contributes to the constant growth and improvement of a person. Do you want to fulfill yourself as a preschool educational institution teacher,  a primary school teacher, a primary school English teacher, a primary school computer science teacher, a speech therapist, a social teacher, a practicing psychologist, a professional in the management and expertise of the educational space? Then you should COME TO US.

If you love children, have a desire to help others grow and learn, and strive for career growth in teaching, then The Faculty of Pedagogical Education is JUST FOR YOU. Together with us, you will be able to develop pedagogical skills and creativity, gain theoretical and practical experience, and have great employment prospects in educational institutions in Lviv and all over Ukraine.

During your education, you will master the methods of conducting classes and lessons, learn not to be afraid of public speaking, improve your communication competence, and be able to attend meetings with famous people. Other opportunities are also waiting for you: participation in competitions, olympiads, international student exchange programs; the opportunity to attend scientific, sports and creative clubs of the University.

Our Faculty family is waiting FOR YOU!