Welcome to the web page of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education!

In February 2015 Ivan Franko National University of Lviv launched a new faculty – faculty of pedagogical education.  Its launch was the result of the long-standing academic traditions of pedagogical training of Lviv University graduates.

The origins of pedagogical education at Lviv University date back to the beginning of the XIX century. In 1812, the course of pedagogy appeared in the curricula of the faculties of theology (as compulsory) and philosophy (as optional). The first professor of pedagogy was V. Voigt; pedagogy and other psychological and pedagogical disciplines (applied pedagogy, pedagogical exercises, pedagogical psychology, basics of didactics, etc.) were later taught by I. Frederovich, J. Yarina,                       I. Pollak, G. Yakhimovich, F. Kostek, J. Delkevych, I. Bartoshevsky, E. Cherkavsky, A. Danysh,                      B. Mankovsky, K. Sosnytsky, B. Sukhodolsky, K. Tvardovsky, and others.

In the first third of the twentieth century, a pedagogical seminary was founded at the university (1907), and departments of the history of education and schooling (1923), pedagogy (1933), and psychology (1934) were opened.

From 1944 to 1991 a general university department of pedagogy and psychology was functioning, and its professors provided the psychological and pedagogical activity training for students of pedagogical specialties of the university. In 1991, the department was divided into separate departments – the Department of Pedagogy (in 2006-2018 – the Department of General and Social Pedagogy, from 2018 – the Department of General Pedagogy and High School Pedagogy) and the Department of Psychology.

The Pedagogical College became a structural subdivision of Lviv University in 1999, which remained the leading professional institution for training teachers for preschool, primary, and secondary education for many decades and at various historical stages as a women’s teacher seminary, a pedagogical lyceum, a pedagogical vocational school. In June 2012, The Academic Council of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, after hearing and discussing the report on the teaching, research, and educational work of the Pedagogical College, decided to start the training on the basis of it to establish a faculty in order to develop higher pedagogical education further.

Implementation of a number of organizational and structural measures in 2012-2014 (transfer of the license to train bachelors in “Primary Education”, “Preschool Education”, “Correctional Education”, “Social Pedagogy” to the Faculty of Philology, the Faculty of Primary and Correctional Education opening, and later its division into the Department of Primary and Preschool Education and the Department of Correctional Pedagogy and Inclusion, establishment of various educational, teaching, scientific and educational work, etc.) provided the institutional prerequisites for the establishment of a separate faculty. The decision to open the Faculty of Pedagogical Education was made at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University on January 28, 2015. A candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Z.P. Leniv was appointed the Acting Dean of the Faculty. In March 2016, on a competitive basis, Associate Professor D.D. Hertsyuk was elected the Dean of the Faculty. 

Nowadays, there are 5 departments in the structure of the faculty –  Primary and Preschool Education  (headed by  Prof. N.I. Machynska), Special Education   (headed by Prof. K.O. Ostrovska), Department of General Pedagogy and Higher School Pedagogy  (headed by Prof. O.V. Kvas), Social Pedagogy And Social Work (headed by Assoc. Prof. V.S. Kornyat.), Physical Education and Sports  (headed by Prof. R.R. Sirenko). The departments of the Faculty provide on- and off-campus training of specialists in 8 educational and professional programs of educational level “Bachelor” (011 Educational pedagogical sciences (Organization of educational space. Extracurricular education), 012 Preschool education, 013 Primary education, 013 Primary education (English in primary school), 013 Primary education (Computer science in primary school), 016 Special education (Speech therapy), 016 Special education (Oligophrenic pedagogy. Correctional psychopedagogy), 231 Social work (Social pedagogy) and 5 educational-professional programs of education level “Master” (011 Educational, pedagogical sciences (Organization of educational space: management and expertise), 012 Preschool education, 013 Primary education, 016 Special education (Speech therapy), 231 Social work (Sociopsychological rehabilitation), as well as 2 educational and scientific programs for training doctors of philosophy in specialties: 011 Educational, pedagogical sciences, 015 Professional education. Educational and scientific activities are carried out by 2 laboratories  Research and Training Laboratory of Museum Pedagogy (headed by Prof. O.V. Karamanov)   and  Educational and Scientific Laboratory of the New Ukrainian School (headed by Assoc. Prof. M.O. Prots)

The Faculty of Pedagogical Education is a powerful scientific and methodological center of pedagogical education within the structure of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.


Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education,   Dmytro Hertsyuk