Associate Professor Natalia Horuk held a series of international seminars on the education system of Ukraine

10.06.2022 | 18:06

The war in Ukraine caused the mass transfer of Ukrainian students to the Countries of the European Union, which prompted foreign educators to get acquainted with the structure, features and requirements of the Ukrainian education system in order to promote the successful adaptation of Ukrainian children and youth to the conditions of study in the host countries.

Webinars were organized in cooperation with the Marino Institute of Education (Ireland), the Faculty of Pedagogy of the University of Vienna (Wien University, Austria) and the Institute of Education Sciences of the University of Basel (Basel University, Switzerland).

The webinars are Director of Research at the Institute of Education Marino Rory McDaid and Associate Professor of the Department of Education of the University of Vienna Michele Proyer. The students of the webinars were teachers of participating universities and educators from different institutions and levels of education. The recording of webinars will be posted on the website of the University of Vienna in order to get acquainted with them by everyone.