Folklore in the education of preschoolers (012 Preschool education)

Type: Normative

Department: preschool and primary education

Course description

Folklore is an important source of educational material. In addition to the development of speech, folklore is a factor of patriotic, ethno-cultural, moral-ethical and aesthetic education. From fairy tales, songs, proverbs, sayings a preschooler gets his first ideas about the culture and life of his nation. The treasury of folklore is extremely rich. This is a lullaby, a magical fairy tale, a legend, a tale, etc. Small folklore genres (counters, tongue twisters, invocations etc.) activate the intellectual, emotional, volitional, and physical spheres of preschoolers.      It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the course “Folklore in the education of preschoolers” for students of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education specialty “Preschool Education”, the task of which is to form a system of knowledge about Ukrainian folklore, its specifics, patterns of development; to acquaint students with the genre system of folklore, the history and poetics of folklore genres; to develop the ability to analyze scientific literature on the problems of folkloristics; the ability to choose folklore genres for classes with preschoolers of different age groups.