Ihor Ostrovskyi

Position: Professor, special pedagogy Department

Scientific degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Google Scholar profile: scholar.google.com.ua

Research interests

Scientific research in the area:

  • solid-state physics;
  • biophysics;
  • causes and characteristics of autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and comorbid diseases, the search for artificial substitutes for nerve bonds.


Co-author of 2 monographs, co-author of 4 textbooks, author of more than 100 articles in professional journals of Ukraine and leading scientific journals, as well as more than 100 abstracts, in particular:

  1. А. Klimovskaya, N. Vysotskaya, Yu. Chaikovsky, A. Korsak, V. Lichodievskiy, and I. Ostrovskii, Morphology of the interface “silicon wire – nerve fiber”// Journal of Nano Research, 2016. – Vol.39. –P. 214-220. (Scopus)
  2. L. Rybchenko, I Ostrovskii. Peculiarities of inclusive Education of ASD children in Ukraine // Journal of Education, Culture, and Society, 2015. –  No.2.– P.229-239.   (Index Copernicus, ERIHPlus, DOAJ, CEJSH)
  3. Katerina О. Оstrovska, Igor P. Ostrovski. Вплив психологічних особливостей АCД дітей на ЕЕГ // Konińskie Studia Społeczno-Ekonomiczne .– Tom 1, Numer 4, 2015. –S.363-376 (CEJSH)
  4. Aleksander Shulgenko, Ihor Ostrovskii, University studies of future psychologists to work with autistic children//  Journal of Education, Culture and  Society. – Wrozlaw, 2014. – №1. – Р.88 – 98.  (Index Copernicus)
  5. Ostrovskii I. P. Peculiarities of senior social-psychologic activity / I. P. Ostrovskii, S. L. Grabovska, K. O. Ostrovska, A. W. Sokalska // Aging, psychological, biological, and social dimensions. – Wroclaw, “Argi”, 2012. – P. 61–68.



1982–1987 – MA in Physics at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

1990–1993 – postgraduate study at the Institute of Semiconductor Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv

1994–1996 – studies at the Theological Academy, Philosophical and Theological Faculty

Work Experience in NGOs:

1989–1996 – member of “Tovarystvo Leva” Association, Lviv

1993–1998 – member of “Vytania” Association, Lviv (assistance to orphans and half-orphans)

1994–2016 – member of the religious organization “Faith and Light”

Since 2005 –   Head of the Charity Fund “Open Heart” of Center for Support of Persons with General Developmental Disorders, Lviv

Since 2012  member of the Board of the NGO “Kolpingwerk Ukraine”

Work Experience in international projects / collaboration with international organisations:

2004-2005 – project “Art Workshop for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children” (Integrated Group of Children with ASD and Children with Down Syndrome), funded by Kolpingwerk International, Germany

2006-2007 – project  UCAN “Creating a consulting and rehabilitation center for children with general developmental disorders”

2007 – project “Providing rehabilitation services to adolescents with ASD”, 1.07-31.12.2007, funded by the Department of Social Protection at the Humanitarian Policy Unit of Lviv City Council

2010-2012 – project “Developing Lviv University of the Third Age”, funded by RITA Foundation

2014-2016 – project “Supported Living of persons with a high degree of ASD in a city apartment”, funded by the Department of Social Protection at the Humanitarian Policy Unit of Lviv City Council

2015-2016 – project “Senior for Democracy: volunteerism, participation in public life of the city”, funded by RITA Foundation

2016-2017 – project “Effective model for the integration of internally displaced persons in Lviv Oblast”, funded by Kolpingwerk International, Germany

Link in Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ihor_Ostrovskii4

Link in Scopus: https://www.scopus.com/authid/detail.uri?authorId=56500748600


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