Uliana Pyrih

Position: Lecturer, social pedagogy and social work Department

Phone (office): +380964491086

Email: Uliana.Spivak@lnu.edu.ua

ORCID profile: orcid.org

Facebook profile: www.facebook.com

Research interests

  • Social – pedagogical work in preschool education institutions.
  • Psychological support of inclusive education in the conditions of special education.
  • Social and psychological rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.



Article in a professional journal of Ukraine (category B):

  1. Spivak, V. Kornyat. Professional training of social sphere specialists for the implementation of social and psychological rehabilitation. Innovative pedagogy. 2021. No. 38. P. 156 – 159.

Abstracts of reports

  1. Pyrih. Content of social psychological rehabilitation of children with disabilities and their parents / Ulyana Pyrih. Collection of scientific publications of the International Multidisciplinary Scientific Internet Conference – 2022. – No. 14. – pp. 142–146. – URL: https://ela.kpi.ua/bitstream/123456789/51489/1/Tezy_Polukarov.pdf
  2. Spivak. Professional training of specialists in the social sphere to implement socio-psychological rehabilitation / V. Kornyat, U. Spivak // Innovative pedagogy. − 2021. Issue 38. − P. 156–159. – URL: http://www.innovpedagogy.od.ua/archives/2021/38/32.pdf.
  3. Spivak. Features of modern social work / U. Spivak // Pedagogical education in the light of reforms and challenges: materials of the First (I) scientific and practical conference of students, graduate students and young scientists (Lviv, March 18-19, 2021). Lviv: LNU named after Ivan Franko, 2021. − P. 241–244 − URL: https://pedagogy.lnu.edu.ua/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Zbirnyk-NT.pdf
  4. Spivak. Children with special educational needs as an object of socio-pedagogical work / U. Spivak, V. Kornyat // Theoretical, methodological and practical problems of social work. A collection of abstracts of reports of the 4th All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference with international participation. − Ivano-Frankivsk: “NAIR”, 2019. − P. 136–139.
  5. Spivak. The syndrome of emotional burnout as an object of scientific knowledge / U. Spivak // Educational Almanac. Collection of student scientific research. arrange N. Machynska. – Lviv. 2020. – Issue 3. − P.173−175. – URL: https://pedagogy.lnu.edu.ua/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Osvitniy-al-manakh_-3_2020.pdf
  6. Spivak. Content of social work with military personnel / U. Spivak // Psychology and pedagogy: topical issues. Collection of theses of the international scientific and practical conference. – Kharkiv: Eastern Ukrainian Organization “Center for Pedagogical Research”, 2020. – P. 154–157.


2016 – 2020 – studying at the Faculty of Pedagogical Education, Department of Special Education and Social Work at the Ivan Franko Lviv National University (obtaining a bachelor’s degree);
2020 – 2021 – studying at the Faculty of Pedagogical Education, Department of Special Education and Social Work at the Ivan Franko Lviv National University (master’s degree with honors);
Since 2017, working in a preschool education institution as a practical psychologist.
In 2021, she worked part-time as a teacher in the Lviv Children’s Shelter of the LODA Elementary School.
In 2022, started work as an assistant at the department of social pedagogy and social work.


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