Drawing and sculpting 012

Type: Normative

Department: preschool and primary education




SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
3180FPD-22Sholovii M.-T.I.

Course description

“Drawing and sculpting” is a component of the discipline of professional training of future teachers of preschool education institutions. The discipline is studied by students of the first (bachelor) level of the “Preschool Education” specialty in the second year of the 3rd semester and ensures the formation of students’ competencies in conducting art classes in preschool education institutions (artistic and decorative activities, pedagogical technologies, methods and methods of teaching drawing and sculpting).

According to the requirements of the educational and professional program, students must achieve the following competencies:
KZ-3. Ability to abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis.
KZ-5. The ability to evaluate and ensure the quality of the work performed.
KS-7. Ability to nationally and patriotically educate children of early and preschool age (love for the Motherland, native language, native city; interest and respect for state symbols of Ukraine, national traditions, customs, holidays, ceremonies).
KS-11. The ability to form in children of early and preschool age elementary ideas about various types of art and means of artistic expression (words, sounds, colors, etc.) and experience of independent creative activity.
KS-13. The ability to organize and lead play (leading), artistic-speech and artistic-productive (visual, musical, theatrical) activities of children of early and preschool age.
PRN-4. To understand and determine the features of leading – playing and other types of activities of preschool children, ways of their use in the development, education and upbringing of children of early and preschool age.
PRN-15. To determine the tasks and content of various types of activities of early and preschool children on the basis of preschool education programs and knowledge about the cultural and historical experience of the Ukrainian people, universal cultural and ethical and aesthetic values.

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