Introduction to the specialty in the pedagogy fundamentals (013 “Primary education”)

Type: Normative

Department: preschool and primary education




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
132Rostykus N. P.FPSH-11, FPSH-12, FPSH-13
248Rostykus N. P.FPSH-11, FPSH-12, FPSH-13


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
132FPSH-13Rostykus N. P.
248FPSH-13Rostykus N. P.

Course description

The purpose of teaching the discipline is to familiarize students with the peculiarities of higher education, the teaching profession, the desire for self-education and self-education throughout life, the basic competencies of a teacher; to reveal the basic concepts of pedagogy and didactics; to develop in higher education students the ability to use educational material in specific pedagogical situations.

Recommented literature

Basic literature:

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