Larysa Kovalchuk

Position: Associate Professor, of General Pedagogy and Pedagogy of Higher Education Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-47-56


Research interests

Scientific interests

philosophy of education, cultural issues in education;

the history of the development of schools and pedagogical thought in Ukraine and abroad;

actual problems of teaching and upbringing of pupils and students;

pedagogical culture of the teacher and higher school teacher, professional skills of the teacher, culture of professional thinking of the teacher;

issues of comparative pedagogy, global trends in higher education;

innovative learning technologies, etc.


Training courses:

Pedagogy and basics of pedagogical skills.

Pedagogy of higher education.

Pedagogy and psychology of higher school.

Fundamentals of scientific and pedagogical research.

Methodology and methods of pedagogical research

Methodology and methods of pedagogical research

Methodology of scientific and pedagogical research.


  1. Kovalchuk L. The prominent Ukrainian scientist Grygorij Washchenko about the creation of the national system of education and training on cross-roads of ХХ century Ukrainian pedagogy / Larysa Kovalchuk, Bogdan Kovalchuk // The old and thinking about Education : Studia i monografie [Editors: Ryszard Kucha and  Sławomir Cudak], Lodz : Wyd-wo Społecznej Academii Nauk. – 2013. – № 42. – P. 433 – 462.
  2. Kovalchuk L. Modeling of cultural and educational environment as a pedagogical condition of forming of professional thinking culture of future teachers / Larysa Kovalchuk // European Scientific Journal. – 2014. – 10, № 22. – P. 69 – 88.


Scientific biography

Graduated from the faculty of Chemistry of Ivan Franko State University of Lviv.

Started teaching career as a teacher of chemistry in Lviv Technical College of Public Catering (1985-1997) after joining to Lviv Economic Business College, taught organic chemistry and biochemistry at this university (1997-2002).

In 2002 defended thesis “Interdisciplinary relations in the study of chemical and technological disciplines in the Economic Business College” (scientific supervisor — Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor Iryna Jevhenivna Kurlyak).

Since 2002 — associate Professor of the Department of Pedagogy of the National Ivan Franko University of Lviv.

The academic title of associate Professor was awarded in 2004.

Interned at the University of “Lviv Polytechnic”, Ternopil and Wroclaw University.

The author of more than 170 scientific and methodical works (including textbooks — 16; scientific articles – 100; 55 abstracts of conference papers).

The winner of the contest “The Best textbook on Humanitarian and Social disciplines (2008, 2010).

Participant of more than 50 international and 40 national scientific conferences, 3 international pedagogical forums, 4 Ukrainian pedagogical congresses, 2 international scientific congresses devoted to the problems of theory, methodology and history of pedagogy.

Scientific supervisor of dissertation researches of PhD students, master thesis students.

Editorial Board member of the Ukrainian pedagogical society  named after Hryhorii Vashchenko and Native school.

Member of Editorial Board of Lviv University Visnyk. Pedagogical series.




Participated in the international English-language project “Outstanding Teachers and their Impact on the European Integration Process: Past, Present, Future” (Poland, Lublin, 2012).


Awarded with the badges “Excellence in Education” (1999) and “For scientific achievements” (2011) by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the gratitude for high-quality management of the students’ research works and the formation of scientific potential of modern youth at the 2nd stage of Ukrainian student Olympiad in the field of pedagogical science (2004; 2007).


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