Oksana Pavlyshyn

Position: Senior Lecturer, physical education and sport Department

Phone (office): +380322768365

Email: oksana.pavlyshyn@lnu.edu.ua

Scopus profile: scholar.google.com.ua

Facebook profile: www.facebook.com

Research interests

My educational interests include sport psychology, improving the efficiency of the educational process
through physical education, and methodological specifics in conducting classes for students in special
medical groups.



Pavlyshyn, O., & Levkiv, L. (2019). The influence of autogenic training on the change in the level of
situational anxiety of students during physical culture and sports activities. In Ya. B. Dawn (Ed.),
Physical culture and sport: experience and perspectives: materials of the II international scientific
and practical conference (pp. 24–26). Chernivtsi: Cherniv. University. Retrieved from
2. Sirenko, R., Kurechko, H. P., & Pavlyshyn, O. F. (2019). Socialization of Ukrainian youth in the field of
mass sports. Young Scientist, 4.1(68.1), 32–35. Retrieved from


I graduated from Lviv National University of Physical Education in 1994 with a specialization in
physical culture. I obtained a specialist degree and became a physical culture teacher.
From 1994 to 2002, I worked as an instructor of physical culture in the sports society “Lokomotyv”.
Following that, I worked as a teacher of physical culture at the Educational Complex School-
Kindergarten No. 94 from 2002 to 2010.
In 2006, I studied a practical course in classical segment reflexology point pressure massage and
physiotherapy at Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.
Since 2008, I have been working as a physical education teacher at Ivan Franko National University
of Lviv.
At the Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies, I have been responsible for organizing
large-scale sports activities since 2015 and for educational-methodical work since 2018.
In terms of public work, I participated in organizing the various sports events, including student
spartakiad, competitions dedicated to the Day of Physical Culture and Sports, the University Day,
and the International Day of Student Sports. Additionally, I have conducted master classes in
gymnastics for students and organized a spartakiad for employees, as well as Final Sports Night.


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