Computer technologies in education and science

Type: Normative

Department: preschool and primary education




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
1032Lushchynska O. V.FPSH-51M


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
1032FPSH-51MLushchynska O. V.

Course description

General competences:

the ability to realize one’s rights and responsibilities as a member of society, to realize the values ​​of a civil (free democratic) society and the need for its sustainable development, the rule of law, the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen in Ukraine;

the ability to evaluate and ensure the quality of performed works; ability to work in a team;

the ability to identify, pose and solve problems; the ability to search, process and analyze information from various sources;

the ability to act socially responsibly and consciously; the ability to act on the basis of ethical considerations (motives); the ability to make effective decisions in professional activities and a responsible attitude to duties, motivating people to achieve a common goal; ability to generate new ideas, identify and solve problems, initiative and entrepreneurship; the ability to learn, master modern knowledge and apply knowledge in practical situations.

Professional competences:

the ability to navigate in the information space, use open resources, information and communication and digital technologies, and operate them in professional activities;

the ability to integrate and implement subject knowledge as the basis of the content of the educational fields of the State Standard of Primary Education: language and literature, mathematics, natural sciences, technology, informatics, social and health care, civics and history, art, physical education;

the ability to manage one’s own emotional states, to establish a constructive and partnership interaction with the participants of the educational process, to form the motivation of students of primary education to study and to organize their cognitive activities

Program learning outcomes:

to plan and carry out the educational process taking into account the age and individual characteristics of younger schoolchildren, to ensure the development of students’ cognitive activity, to form their motivation to study;

to organize constructive and partner interaction with the participants of the educational process of the primary school, to use the practices of self-preservation of mental health, conscious emotional response;

plan and organize the educational process in primary school, extracurricular and extracurricular activities and activities, using various organizational forms of education and types of classes, in compliance with the principle of scientificity and the requirements of primary school regulations

Recommended Literature

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