Psychology of general, age and pedagogical (012 Preschool education)

Type: Normative

Department: preschool and primary education




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
132Professor Halian Оlena
132Professor Halian Оlena


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Course description

1. Requirements of the educational program:

The study of the educational discipline “General, age-related and pedagogical psychology” involves the mastering of the acquirers:

a) general competence: the ability to realize one’s rights and responsibilities as a member of society, to be aware of the values ​​of civil society and the need for its sustainable development, the rule of law, the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen in Ukraine; the ability to learn and master modern knowledge.

b) professional competences: the ability to develop basic personality qualities in preschool children; the ability to develop curiosity, cognitive motivation, cognitive actions in children of early and preschool age; the ability to educate early and preschool children in the skills of conscious observance of socially recognized moral and ethical norms and rules of behavior; the ability to develop perceptual, mnemonic processes, various forms of thinking and consciousness in children of early and preschool age; the ability to analyze and evaluate various psychological and pedagogical, methodical factors, predict the possible consequences of their influence

2. Expected learning outcomes

After studying the academic discipline, the applicant will: understand, describe and analyze the processes of development, training and education using basic psychological categories; understand the nature and know the age characteristics of children with different levels of development, the characteristics of the development of gifted children, the individual differences of children with special educational needs; to understand and determine the features of leading and other types of personality activity, ways of their use in its development, training and education; have the skills to preserve and strengthen the psychophysical and social health of children; to possess the technologies of organization of the development environment.

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