Halyna Boiko

Research interests

Trends in the development of modern education; social mobility of preschool education specialists.


Articles in professional and scientific periodicals:

  1. Boiko H.O. Training of primary school teachers in compliance with the State standard of primary general education / H. Boiko // English language and literature. – Issue 34-36 (404-406). – December 2013. – P. 3-9.
  2. Boiko H.O. About modern methodological approaches to teaching and learning foreign languages in higher educational institutions / H. Boiko // Topical problems of teaching foreign languages for special purposes: Collection of scientific articles / edited by I. Yu. Skovronska. – Lviv: LSU, 2015. – P. 3-9.
  3. Boiko H.O. Trends in the development of modern primary education (Ukrainian and international aspect) / H.O. Boiko // Problems of modern pedagogical education. Series: Pedagogy and Psychology 49 (2). Yalta – 2015 – P. 63-69.
  4. Work with literary texts at the foreign language lesson as a means of enhancing students’ cognitive activity / H. Boiko // Materials of reporting scientific conferences of the Faculty of Pedagogical Education. – Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 2016. – Issue 1. – pp. 40-43.
  5. Boiko H., Hulyayhorodska O. Use of the latest information technologies at foreign language classes at primary school / H. Boiko, O. Hulyayhorodska // Humanitarian Bulletin of the State Higher Educational Institution “Pereyaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhoriy Skovoroda State Pedagogical University” – Appendix 3 to Issue 36. – Vol. 3 (19): Thematic issue “International Chelpan Psychological and Pedagogical Readings”. -Kyiv: Hnosis publishing house, 2016. – P. 223-230.
  6. Boiko H., Hulyayhorodska O. The Use of Modern Technologies at English lessons at Primary School / H. Boiko, O. Hulyayhorodska // II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Urgent Problems of Primary Education and Inclusive Education in the Framework of European Integration” (12 May 13, 2016). – LNU // Visnyk of Lviv University. Pedagogical series. 2016. – Issue 31.- S. 284-289.
  7. Boiko H.O., Social mobility of a teacher: theoretical and methodological aspect / H. Boiko // Pedagogics and psychology of vocational education: scientific and methodological journal. – 2016 – Issue 2. – P. 66-75.


Was born in the village of Mykolayiv, Radekhiv district, Lviv region.


Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical Institute (now Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University);

Volyn Lesia Ukrainka State University (now Lesia Ukrainka East European National University);

Lviv State University of Life Safety (is studying in the law area now)


Secondary school №2 of the city in Radekhiv, a teacher of the English language

Secondary school №18 of  Lviv city, a teacher of the English language;

Pedagogical college of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, teacher of the French language (2005-2016);

Lviv Ivan Franko National University.


History of Pedagogy, Theory and Methodology of Education (013 “Primary Education”)

Country Studies (013 “Primary Education”)

Practical course of a foreign language (012 “Preschool education”)

Theory and methodology of education (013 “Primary education”)


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