Children’s psychology

Type: Normative

Department: preschool and primary education




SemesterAmount of hoursLecturerGroup(s)
232Professor Halian Оlena


SemesterAmount of hoursGroupTeacher(s)
264Tabaka O., Professor Halian Оlena

Course description

1. Requirements of the educational program:
The study of the educational discipline “Child Psychology” involves mastering the following skills:
a) general competence: the ability to learn and master modern knowledge;
b) professional competences: the ability to develop basic personality qualities in preschool children; the ability to form primary ideas about the subject, natural, social environment, properties and relationships of objects in children of early and preschool age; development of self-awareness (“I” of the child and its place in the environment); the ability to develop perceptual, mnemonic processes, various forms of thinking and consciousness in children of early and preschool age; the ability to educate early and preschool children in a tolerant attitude and respect for others, to prevent and counter bullying.
2. Expected learning outcomes
After studying the academic discipline, the applicant will: understand, describe and analyze the content, conditions, contradictions, driving forces and regularities of the child’s mental development, the role of education and upbringing in the dynamics of his mental activity, taking into account the areas of actual and immediate development, neoplasms of age; to model the situation of the use of specific pedagogical influence, the organization of the educational process in preschool education institutions, taking into account the age and individual characteristics of children of early and preschool age; to have the skills and abilities to preserve and strengthen the psychophysical and social health of children, to ensure their emotional well-being; to develop individual programs of socialization and adaptation of children of early and preschool age (adaptation to a preschool education institution, psychological and pedagogical support of certain categories of children (shy; aggressive; gifted; with different types of temperament; with special educational needs; those experiencing an age crisis), development programs).

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