Marta Prots

Position: Associate Professor, preschool and primary education Department, Associate Professor, preschool and primary education Department

Scientific degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Academic status: Associate Professor

Phone (office): (032) 239-03-22


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Research interests

history of pedagogy in Ukraine and other countries; innovative techniques in teaching and character education; experimental education systems, LEGO techniques in education, learning-through-play techniques in higher education.


Selected publications

1. Prots M. Teachers-Innovators of Ukraine: [textbook. manual.] / Marta Prots. – Lviv: Badikova N.O., 2015. – 148 p.

Articles in Professional and Scientific Publications

Kapral M. The Use of Advanced Educational Experience Abroad in the Course of Studying the History of Pedagogy in the Pedagogical College / Marta Kapral // Scientific Bulletin of Chernivtsi University. – Chernivtsi: Chernivtsi National University. University, 2009. – Vip. 490. Pedagogy and psychology. –С. 39-48.

Kapral M. Ivan Tkachenko, Fyodor Oksanych as Followers of the Outstanding Ukrainian Teacher Vasyl Sukhomlynsky / Marta Kapral // Educational Space. Global, regional and information aspects. – Chernivtsi: Cheremosh, 2010. – №1. – С.48-49.

Kapral M.О. АAuthor’s School in Ukraine as a Pedagogical Phenomenon: Questions of Basic Bases of its Organization // Bulletin of Glukhiv National Pedagogical University named after Oleksandr Dovzhenko. Series: Pedagogical Sciences: coll. Science. etc. – Hlukhiv, 2010. – #. 15. – Part. 1. – P. 26-29.

Prots M. Activities of Humanist Teachers in the Education of Schoolchildren (1970-1980) / Marta Prots // Higher Education in Ukraine in the Context of Integration into the European Space. Addition 4. – К., 2010. – Том VІІ (25). – P. 204- 212.

 Prots M. Ethnographic technologies in author’s schools of the past and present / Marta Prots // Visnyk of Prykarpattia National University named after V.Stefanyka. – Ivano-Frankivsk, 2010. – Issue. 35. Pedagogy. – P.14-19.

Prots M. Author’s school in Ukraine as a pedagogical phenomenon: questions of fundamental bases of its organization / Marta Prots // Scientific herald of the Chernivtsi university. – Chernivtsi: Chernivtsi National University. University – 2011. – Vip. 572. Pedagogy and psychology. – P.145-152.

Prots M. Teachers-innovators about preparation for life of schoolboys / Marta Prots // Scientific magazine of NPU named after MP Drahomanov. – K .: NPU named after MP Drahomanov. – 2012. – Vip. 20. – Series 17. Theory and practice of teaching and education. – P. 154-160.

Prots M. Innovative pedagogical experience of teachers-humanists (1970- 1980s) / Marta Prots // Bulletin of the Precarpathian National University. В.Стефаника. – Ivano-Frankivsk, 2012. – Issue. 42. Pedagogy. – P. 20-24.

 Prots M. Development of the national author’s school during the independence of Ukraine / Marta Prots // Youth and market. – 2013. – № 4 (99) April. – P. 136-139.

 Prots M. Public and pedagogical activity of Olga Bachynska (to the 140th anniversary of her birth) / M. Prots // Society “Native School”: history and modernity: Scientific Almanac. – 2014. – Number 7. – P. 269 -278. 

 Prots M. The system of education in the author’s schools of Ukraine (second half of the XX – beginning of the XXI century) / Marta Prots // Fourth Ukrainian Pedagogical Congress: collection. Science. the work of Congress. – Lviv: Spolom, 2014. – P. 463-468.

Prots M. Didactic features of the use of media technologies in primary school / M. Prots // Media education in Ukraine: innovative experience and prospects for implementation: abstracts of scientific-practical seminar. – Lviv, 2014. – P. 39-40.

 Prots M. The relevance of the experience of labor education in the author’s school of Vasyl Bilavych / M. Prots // Mountain School of the Ukrainian Carpathians. – 2016. – № 14. – P. 64-67.

Prots M. Basic principles of perspective and accessibility of preschool and primary education / M. Prots, S. Lozynska // Visnyk of Lviv National University: Pedagogical series. – Vol. 31. – 2016. – P. 46-55.

 Prots M. Teachers-innovators of Kirovohrad region: V. Sukhomlynsky and his followers / M. Prots // Scientific notes. – Series: Pedagogical sciences. – Vol. 172. – 2018. – P. 130-135.

Prots, S. Lozynska // Current issues of humanities: interuniversity collection of scientific works of young scientists of Drohobych State Pedagogical University named after Ivan Franko / Drohobych. : Helvetica Publishing House, 2020. – Vol. 29. Тоm 3.– P. 152–157. 


Articles in foreign scientific journals

Prots M. Historiography of the theory and practice of development of the author’s school (second half of the XX – beginning of the XXI century) in the context of the history of domestic pedagogical science / Marta Prots // Collection of scientific works SWorld. – 2013. – Volume 17. – С. 33-38.

Prots M. Historiography of theoretical and practical development of alternative schools (second half of 20th century and early 21st century) in the context of history of ukrainian pedagogy / M. Prots // Modern scientific research and their practical application. – 2013. – S. 207-214.


Articles in international scientometric databases (Web of Science, Scopus)

Prots Marta. Tolerance of uncertainty as a component of the process of life-creation of future educators. / Halian Ihor, Machynska Natalia, Lozynska Svitlana, Nos Liubov, Derkach Yuliya, Prots Marta, Popovych Ihor. / Revista Inclusiones Vol: Volumen 7 / Número Especial / Julio – Septiembre, 2020, Р. 512-528  (Web of Science).


Born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine.


2003: Graduated from the Secondary school No.21 in Lviv.

2007: Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Primary Education (diploma with honors) from the College of Pedagogy at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Qualified as a primary school teacher and a teacher of English at the primary school level.

2008: Obtained Specialist’s degree in Primary Education from Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University. Qualified as a primary school teacher and a teacher of English.

2008: Obtained Master’s degree in Primary Education (diploma with honors) from Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University in Ivano-Frankivsk. Qualified as a lecturer of pedagogy, a primary school teacher and a teacher of English language and literature at the primary school level.

2008−2015: Postgraduate studies at Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, specialty 13.00.01, General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy.


2015: Successfully presented the dissertation on Theory and Practice of Experimental School Development in Ukraine (from mid-20th to early 21st century) at the meeting of the specialized dissertation committee Д 36.053.01 at Drohobych Ivan Franko State Pedagogical University. Obtained Candidate of Science degree in specialty 13.00.01, General Pedagogy, History of Pedagogy.


Instructor, Centre for Culture and Creativity for Children and Youth in Halychyna (2003-2012)

Lecturer of pedagogy, College of Pedagogy at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (2008-2016);

Assistant professor (2014-2016), Associate professor (2016-present), Department of Primary and Preschool Education, Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.


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